However difficult it may seem you have to grow in the force of change.

The internet was conceived as an information platform. The search engines have artificial intelligence and, for example ‘Google,’ give great search results so we do not want to undermine them. Your site must be full of information about you, your company and your products. Let the search engine find you, file you and your pages for your potential customers to find you easily and succesfully.

Use the unique capabilities of the internet to the full to offer what your off line competitors cannot.

If you always do what you have always done you will always get what you always got...This is a very true statement and applies to all businesses.

So you need a web site..?..What next..? You need someone to register the name and be your internet service provider. Then it must be designed, built, uploaded onto the internet and thereafter maintained.

Initally, I will need you to think about what you want to tell your customers and what they will gain from your web site. To get started I will need some company literature and photographs (although I can take these if required).

Firstly, the design of the web site frame is built and agreed, then the content is produced and agreed. Once this has been achieved the site can be hosted by an internet service provider and thereafter maintained with occasional changes to retain your company profile with the search engines.

I can also help with your company brochure, business cards, computer purchase and generally act as a consultant if this is the level of support you feel your company will benefit from...

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